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Our Research Team - Former Students 

The Remote Sensing Lab was home to many talented students and researchers over the years.


Adelman Michael - Using Passive remote sensing to monitor soil salinity and humidity - case study of Patish area.

Adar, Simon - analysing temporal and spatial in open mining areas by using hyperspectral technology - case study of sukolov.  

Elinson, Rotem -  The physical potential and economy in Jerusalem mountains  in pre modern times.

Eliran, Alon -  Developing tools for remote sensing  in the millimeter domain, in local soil in high 3D resolution.

Eshel, Mor - Developing tools for predicting and monitoring areas with potential for increasing soil salinity

Ben-Ami, Yuval - spectral characterization of skin disease (CUTANEOUS MYCOSIS) in human skin using VIS-NIR-SWIR spectra.

Brook, Anna - Developing application to quantify construction materials in urban space using imaging spectroscopy.

Berko, Edna -  Combined geometric processing to retrieve thematic ability from an airborne sensor

Garzuzi Jamil -      Relationship between quality and quantity of surface runoff water and the composition of the surface, as  measured with remote sensing technology and GIS

Granot, Amichai - Using field spectroscopy in the VIS-NIR-SWIR to develop a method to characterize hydrophobicity in un-breached soil.

Heler, Daniela - In situ characterization of soil profile using spectroscopy in the VIS-NIR-SWIR

Weksler, Shahar -  Tracking changes in the surface to monitor Aeolian processes along Israel using longwave infrared remote sensing

Tenenzpef, Karin -  Quantifying settled dust using SWIR spectroscopy

Lugasi, Rachel - Analyzing thermal complexity and its connection to urban heat island

Lugasi, Rachel - Spectroscopy of burned soils : analyzing changes in spectral attributes and their effect

Levin, Noam -  Monitoring and predicting the settling sands of Israel's coastal plain using remote sensing and GIS

Levin, Noam - Mapping the rubification processes of the coastal plain sands using remote sensing and GIS

Lazar, Michael - A comparison between atmospheric corrections on hyperspectral images of lake Kineret from CASI sensor

Livne Ido - Identifying areas with soil salinity by combining different methods of remote sensing and chemical measurements

Ogen, Yaron - Using soil spectroscopy for novel mapping methods of soils

Ogen, Yaron - Generating a DEM from hyperspectral data to create land cover maps

Azaria Ilan -  Identifying and mapping cannabis fields using hyperspectral sensors

Paz, Eli - Developing a method to identify and map sediments in the bottom of ship docks using VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy

Paz, Eli - A novel method to identify solid materials on the sea bed using VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy

Petkin, Keren -Discovering and mapping soil salinity and additive attributes using airborne scanner

Fingresh, Tal -  Simulating spatial spectral features using urban development

Kultonov, Alexander - Statistical classification and modeling for analyzing remote sensing images

Karmina,  Yaktarina - Mapping first indicators for soil development on sand  dunes using hyperspectral sensor

Sade, Aharon - The morphology and acoustic feedback of the northern  shores of the continent of Israel on the base of high resolution multi wave sonar

Schwarzberg, Sabra- Tracking buried walls in Ein-Gedi using remote sensing: using a thermal sensor and EC sensor

Schwarz, Guy -  Reflectance spectroscopy as a tool for fast mapping of soil carbohydrates contamination

Shimoni, Michal - Thermal imaging as a tool to identify guide lines for buried archeological targets

Turgeman, Dina - Reflectance spectroscopy in the VIS-NIR-SWIR as a tool to  diagnose psoriasis and the effects of UVB radiation on human skin

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